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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Parsix GNU/Linux 0.80-alpha1 is out


Another alpha release of Parsix GNU/Linux 0.80 is available for testing
and bug report. What's new?

1) X.Org 7.0.14.
2) New kernel + many patches and extra drivers.
3) Updated installer system.
4) SquashFS 3.0 compression system (Faster live system, less space).
5) Many package updates (Sync. with Debian Sid as 19/04/2006).
6) Fixed installation problem on ext3 partitions.
7) Updated ubuntulooks theme (0.9.9-parsix1).
8) Parsix man pages added.
9) New UDEV 0.89 system + fixes.
10) Fixed GDM configuration problems with X.Org 7.0.x.
11) Added boot splash support.

Release Note 1:
This version can update your existing 0.7x and 0.80-x
installations w/o problem. Due to X.Org 7.0.x changes, installer will
overwrite your existing xorg.conf file and will rename original file to
xorg.conf.pi.backup. You can return your special settings using that
backup file.

Release Note 2:
If you are upgrading from 0.7x to 0.80, you may experience
login problem in GDM screen. Choose Session -> GNOME and then login and
make it default. If you had this problem, please report.

Release Note 3:
Thanks to SquashFS 3.0, boot time to complete GNOME desktop should be
about 2:00 to 2:30 minutes and 0.80-alpha1 ISO size is ~620 MB.

TODO List:

1) GNOME 2.14 packages should be completed.
2) Parsix's GNOME users guide.
3) hibernate package fixes.
4) New Background image.
5) Icon package update (?).
6) Parsix-Doc package update.
7) New kernel package ( or 2.6.17 if possible).

Known Issues:

1) Hibernate should have problem with HSF/HCF modem drivers. Stop HCF/
HSF service before hibernation system. We are working for a fixed
hibernate package.

As before, this version is available for local testers only. Please
contact me if you like to get and test this version.

Alan Baghumian
Parsix GNU/Linux Dev. Team

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