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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Goodbye, Fedora

خوب اینم یکی از اون خبرای توپه! Eric Raymond بالاخره بعد از ۱۲ سال Fedora رو بیخیال شد و Ubuntu رو انتخاب کرد.
Esr خداحافظی غمناکی با فدورا کرده و میگه:

This afternoon, I installed Edgy Eft on my main development machine --
from one CD, not five. In less than three hours' work I was able to
recreate the key features of my day-to-day toolkit. The
after-installation mass upgrade to current packages, always a
frightening prospect under Fedora, went off without a hitch.

متن کامل خبر
Eric S. Raymond
اریک ریموند

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