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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

And some message on the way

Some day
I shall come and bring a message
I shall cast light into veins
And I shall call out:O you whose baskets are full of dreams!
I have brought you an apple, the red apple of the sun

I shall come to offer the beggar a lilac flower
I shall bestow on the lovely leprous lady a pair of earrings
To the blind man I shall exclaim: “what a sight the garden is to behold!
I shall become a peddler, roam the alleyways crying out: O dew, dew, dew.
A passerby will remark:it is indeed a dark night.To him I shall give a galaxy
One day bridge there is a little legless lass. Round her neck
I shall hang the great bear

From the lips I shall remove all obscenities
From the root, I shall pull out all walls
I shall inform the bandits: “A caravan is arriving carrying a load of smile.”
I shall tear up the clouds
I shall graft the eyes onto water, and the branches onto wind
I shall graft infant’s dreams to the murmur of cricket

I shall fly kites
I shall water flowerpots
I shall go to horses and cows, putting the green grass of caress before them
For a thirsty mare, I shall bring a pail of dews
There is a decrepit donkey on the way
I shall scare the flies off its body

I shall come to plant a carnation on each wall
I shall chant a verse to every window
I shall bestow on each crow a pine tree
I shall tell the snake: “How glorious is the frog!”
I shall reconcile
I shall familiarize
I shall walk on
I shall eat light
I shall love

And some message on the way BY Sohrab Sepehri

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