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Friday, May 27, 2005

JAP -- Anonymity is not a Crime

کلی بدو بیراه واسه اینترنت ندا رایانه با این فیلترینگ احمقانش نوشته بودم ولی خوب فکر کردم دنبال چاره بگردم بهتره.... خنده داره، و رو هم فیلتر کردن...

JAP makes it possible to surf the internet anonymously and unobservably.

این برنامه که با Java نوشته شده، هم تو ویندوز اجرا میشه هم تو لینوکس و هم... کار کردن باهاش خیلی راحته. مشکل منو که حل کرد ;)

Without Anonymization, every computer in the internet communicates using a traceable Address. That means

  • the website visited
  • the internet service provider ISP
  • and any eavesdropper on the internet connection
can determine which websites the user of a specific computer visits. Even the information which the user calls up can be intercepted and seen if encryption is not used.
JAP uses a single static address which is shared by many JAP users. That way neither the visited website, nor an eavesdropper can determine which user visited which website

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