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Monday, December 19, 2005

Beta Testers Needed

We are working on Parsix GNU/Linux 0.75 that has many many improvements
and new packages. Some key features are:

- Kernel 2.6.14
- GNOME 2.12.1
- 2.0
- GAIM 1.5.0
- Firefox 1.5
- GIMP 2.2.9
- Parsix Starter Documentation (Persian)
- New look and feel


Build 28 of Parsix GNU/Linux 0.75 (Parsix-0.75-PRE28) is ready for
testing. We do not have enough bandwidth to put it on the web, but if
you are in Tehran and like to test this version, just contact me.

Alan Baghumian
Parsix GNU/Linux Dev. Team

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