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Monday, October 03, 2005

30GB Web Mail Launches Into Beta

A new web mail service launched today promising to bring users an email inbox of 30gb started off with the idea of creating an "All in one" site for the webmaster and avid computer users. According to the sites "about us" page, combining personal file storage, GD2 signatures and anonymous email all in one service, which would be free.

"Our main goal is to increase our space even further, to 50 gigs, or maybe 100 as time goes on. is still in a very heavy beta, and if you are a member, please help us to make it the best mail server there is. We will be offering a section for personal file storage (up to 30 gigs) and a GD2 signature maker to keep your email safe from spam robots. We also offer a unique feature, which allows you to send a email from any address you want."

من چند تا Invite دارم اگه کسی خواست بهم بگه...

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